Monday, February 6, 2012


I've had the honor of holding many a title throughout my life; my newest being that of my own choosing, "Auntie M".  And I've always believed that the world would be a much better place if these so-called "labels" could only be given to those few individuals that would unfailingly, and without a doubt, make it their mission to cherish their true meaning.  Because in my eyes, a title so special has to be earned, and just because societal rules may force me to call you my Aunt or Uncle, doesn't mean I think you are in the least bit deserving of it. 

And don't get me wrong, I was once an unworthy brat who wouldn't know such wisdom if it had broken my nose into a bloody mess.  But as I think back to my past, and the utter incomprehension I had of life back then, I realize that that's where wisdom's only flaw lies; in the fact that it must be, in most cases, learned.  One must be surrounded by the strongest and most giving of people to acquire it, which of course isn't always the case, leaving many unfortunate souls to fall by the wayside, as their would-be "wealth of knowledge", speeds right past them in a gorgeous, gas-efficient, conventional car, headed to an unknown land.  And then there are the ones who anger me most;  the ones who at one time or another, were lucky enough to have Lady Wisdom herself pounding at their door.  But instead of letting her inside, even just for a moment, they ultimately chose to close their eyes and pretend she wasn't even there, until one day, well, she wasn't. 

Thankfully though, my world has always been filled with some pretty extraordinary people; all of whom have played their part in helping me navigate through this big slip n' slide we all call life.  But as I've taken on the title of Auntie, it's made me truly appreciate the group of remarkable women whom I now proudly share that very title with, and the simple fact that long ago, they made it their goal to always walk beside me, come wind, rain or shine.  But it saddens me to think through the mindlessness of adolescence,  that I will never fully be able to recall all that they've done for me.  But of course even if I could, I'm not sure there would be even a single word in any language worthy of depicting their amazing ways.  I've just always seen them as beautiful fairies; magical heroines who have, for as long as I can remember, silently floated around me, making significant impression after significant impression onto my life.  And as I've grown into my own maturity, I've learned to observe them with bigger eyes and ears, watching them cast their inspirational influence onto the world around them, making everyone they touch, better for knowing them.

But the most important thing I've taken away from their wisdom through the years, is not the fact that they've always been there for me, but that I will never ever doubt, that they always will.  And that is why, as I held my baby niece in my arms for the very first time,  I decided upon my own personal goal.  A promise to myself to always make sure that whatever happens from this day forward, that my niece would forever feel happy when she hears my name.

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