Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Path

I recently discovered a walking trail in the middle of my town.  I had found it one day by accident as I drove to some place I have long since forgotten.  It was beautiful and new and everybody on it seemed healthy, young, and blissful. It was like some grouted fountain of youth and was much too tempting to ignore.

So on the following Saturday I hastily put on my walking shoes in an attempt to finally find out for myself what this seemingly enchanting stretch of walkway was all about.  Before I left though, I  asked my husband if he'd join me, but the hot sun had already made up his mind, and he declined.  So I journeyed alone, only walking five minutes or so before I finally arrived at that magical spread of beautifully smoothed cement.  And in seeing it close up, I immediately knew that the view from the car window hadn't done it any justice whatsoever.  It lay in front of me like a dream, and went farther then any eye could possibly see.  It was like some yellow brick road of life, winding and turning to who knows where.  As I then stepped onto it and started walking though, it suddenly felt like something was off.  It was then that I noticed the countless people flowing past me like dandelion pedals in the wind. They were couples and children and families meshing together in a warm syrup of happiness.  That was the moment I finally realized, that I could not walk this path alone.

So the next day, with the heat finally subsiding, I convinced my husband to join me at the walkway.  He was skeptical at first, thinking we could get to the same place faster on the main road, but his mind quickly changed as he too experienced the glorious sight of the trail's endless expanse.  I remember him then smiling at me, grabbing my hand, and pulling me forward.  We then slowly began to walk towards wherever the route led, talking and laughing and dreaming like we never had before.